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2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual Degree Programs

Dual degree programs are those in which a student can enroll concurrently in two degree programs offered in two different academic units. A limited number of student credit hours may be counted toward both degrees.

Many dual degree programs have been formalized and appear in the Graduate Catalog (e.g. mathematics and mathematics education). Individualized dual degree programs may be designed in response to student requests. However, only academic programs have the authority to propose and receive approval from the Graduate School for new dual degree programs. Dual degrees will not be awarded after the curricular requirements have already been met without initial application.

Individualized dual degree proposals should first be created and approved by the appropriate hierarchy in each participating unit. Materials should include: a description of the participating units/degrees, an overview of the existing academic course of studies, the rationale for the new dual degree, guidelines for academic eligibility and meeting Graduate School regulations, and any other supporting materials to assist with a thorough review of the request. A letter of support from the chair or director of each participating unit must also accompany the proposal.

Double counting of courses will be handled as follows:

1. In cases where the double counting of courses involves less than 20%, Graduate School senior staff will review the proposal and approve it.
2. In cases where the course credit exchange is greater than 20%, but less than 30%, the Graduate Curriculum Committee will also review and approve the proposal.
3. In cases where the exchange is greater than 30%, the Graduate Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Council Executive Board will also review and approve the proposal.

Students must apply to and be accepted by both programs individually before beginning in the dual degree program. An application to the Graduate School must be submitted for each degree. The application fee need only be paid once. Students who do not apply to both programs before beginning the curricular requirements will be subject to the 20 Percent Rule. No credit hours completed as part of a previously earned master’s degree can be counted towards a second master’s degree.

Students in officially recognized dual degree programs, other than the MD/PhD program, must apply to graduate for both degrees at the same time, even if the requirements for one degree are completed sooner than the second degree. Academic programs are asked to provide flexibility so students may be able to walk ceremoniously with their cohort even if they do not earn the degree that semester.