Dec 10, 2018  
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences, PhD

Program Coordinator: Ed Stellwag (S 215-B Howell Science Complex; 252-328-6302;

Contact Information by Concentration Area:

  • Biology: Ed Stellwag (S 215-B Howell Science Complex; 252-328-6302;
  • Biomedicine: Li Yang (3E-127 Brody Medical Sciences Building; 252-744-3419;
  • Chemistry: Frank Yu Yang (584 Science and Technology Building; 252-328-9798;

The interdisciplinary biological sciences PhD brings together students and faculty from multiple disciplines to study a broad variety of interesting biological phenomena. The interdisciplinary program is 77-84 s.h., including 11-12 s.h. from the general and molecular/cellular core curricula, at least 48 s.h. from the research core and at least 18 s.h. from a specific concentration. The concentrations are: biology; biomedical science; and chemistry. Other appropriate graduate-level courses may be added by agreement of the research advisor, graduate program director, and the IDPBS advisory committee. A complete listing of courses for each concentration, and additional program information, is available at the program website (