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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biochemistry, BS

Program Coordinator: Jean-Luc Scemama (105-N Howell Science Complex; 252-328-6313; scemamaj@ecu.edu)
Chemistry Concentration Program Coordinator: Allison Danell (591 Science and Technology Building; 252-328-9766; danella@ecu.edu)

The purpose of the BS biochemistry degree program is to: prepare our students with the knowledge and confidence to apply the scientific method in biochemical research; train our students to communicate scientific discoveries in standard scientific formats; educate our students so they understand, and are able to apply, foundational biochemical concepts necessary for graduate education or a career in the biochemical sciences.

Minimum degree requirement is 120 s.h. of credit as follows:

1. General education requirements including those listed below - 40 s.h.

(For information about courses that carry general education credit see General Education Program  .)

2. Core - 32 s.h.

(Students must complete both BIOL and CHEM core courses.)

4. Concentrations - 20-22 s.h.

(Choose one of the following.)

Biology (22 s.h.)

Chemistry (20 s.h.)

5. Electives to complete requirements for graduation.