Nov 20, 2019  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor’s and Accelerated MBA Program

Students in fields other than business who are interested in careers in private or public sector management may complete the BA or BS and, if qualified, may complete the master of business administration in one additional year. The typical MBA program requires two years, or 60 s.h., beyond the four-year bachelor’s degree. However, the accelerated program allows the student to meet up to 27 s.h. of the MBA by waivers, on a course-by-course basis, if the equivalent undergraduate courses are completed with a grade of A (4.0) or B (3.0). The remaining 33 s.h. of the MBA may then be completed in two semesters and a summer session (two summer terms).

As part of the foundations curriculum requirements, minor field, concentration, and electives, the student will prepare for the accelerated MBA program by completing the following courses with a grade of A (4.0) or B (3.0): ACCT 2401 *, ACCT 2521 *; COMM 2420 ; ECON 2113 *, ECON 2133 ; ENGL 3880 ; FINA 2244 *, FINA 3724 *; MGMT 3202 *, MGMT 3352 ; MIS 2223 *, MIS 3063 ; MKTG 3832 *; MATH 1066 , MATH 2283 *. Completion of the courses marked with an asterisk (*) will qualify students for a minor in business administration as part of the undergraduate degree. Students in programs which require ENGL 3820 ; ITEC 3290 ; MATH 2119 , MATH 2122 , or MATH 2172 ; and MATH 2228  may substitute these courses for the comparable courses above. Students who are unable to complete the entire program should consult their advisor or the assistant dean of graduate programs in the College of Business for the most appropriate combination of courses.

There is a separate entry process for admission to the MBA program. Students must consult the assistant dean for graduate programs in the College of Business at the beginning of their senior year about the entry requirements.