Mar 21, 2023  
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Business Faculty

Stanley G. Eakins, Professor and Dean
(PhD, Arizona State University)
Paul H. Schwager, Associate Professor and Associate Dean
(PhD, Auburn University)
Scott Dellana, Professor and Assistant Dean for Assessment and Accreditation
(PhD, Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Department of Accounting

John T. Reisch, Professor and Chair
(PhD, University of South Carolina)

Department of Finance

Scott Below, Associate Professor and Chair
(PhD, University of Kentucky)

Department of Management

Michael Harris, Professor and Chair
(EdD, North Carolina State University)

Graduate Faculty

Tope Adeyemi-Bello, Professor
(PhD, University of Arkansas)
W. Lee Grubb, Associate Professor
(PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University)
Joy Karriker, Associate Professor
(PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University)

Department of Management Information Systems

Elaine D. Seeman, Professor and Chair
(PhD, Indiana State University)

Graduate Faculty

Richard D. Hauser, Jr., Associate Professor
(PhD, Florida State University)
Ravi Paul, Associate Professor
(PhD, Clemson University)

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Judy Siguaw, Professor and Chair
(DBA, Louisiana Tech University)

Graduate Faculty

John F. Kros, Professor
(PhD, University of Virginia)
Anthony Polito, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Georgia)
Thomas R. Robbins, Associate Professor
(PhD, Pennsylvania State University)
William Swart, Professor
(PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology)
Judy A. Wagner, Associate Professor
(PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
David A. West, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Rhode Island)
James Zemanek, Professor
(PhD, Texas A&M University)

School of Hospitality Leadership

Robert M. O’Halloran, Professor and Director
(PhD, Michigan State University)

Graduate Faculty

Alleah Crawford, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Auburn University)
Dori Dennison, RD, Professor
(PhD, University of Missouri)
David L. Edgell, Sr., Professor
(PhD, University of Cincinnati)
George Fenich, Professor
(PhD, Rutgers University)
Jay Lee, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Kansas State University)
Cynthia Deale O’Halloran, AssociateProfessor
(PhD, University of Denver)
Mel Weber, Associate Professor
(PhD, Universityof Missouri)