May 19, 2024  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

What’s New This Year?

1. Policy Changes

a. New Policies (none)

b. Revised Policies


2. Program Changes

a. New Programs

    Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s





b. Discontinued Programs

  • Exercise Physiology, BS/Physical Therapy, DPT (accelerated program)
  • Recreational Therapy (minor)

c. Reinstated Programs (none)

d. Revised Programs

    Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s


     Certificates (none)

     Departmental Honors Programs


e. Retitled Programs (none)


3. Course Changes

a. Course Designations Added, Removed, or Changed

Diversity Course Designations

DD (Domestic Diversity) was added to

GD (Global Diversity) was added to 

General Education Course Designations

GE:HU was added to

GE:SC was added to

GE:SO was added to


            Service Learning Course Designations

SL (Service Learning) was added to 

            SL* (Service Learning: Selected Sections Only) was added to    

SL* (Service Learning: Selected Sections Only) was removed from 


            Writing Intensive Course Designations  

WI (Writing Intensive) was added to 

WI* (Writing Intensive: Selected Sections Only)  was added to

WI (Writing Intensive) changed to WI* (Writing Intensive: Selected Sections Only)

WI (Writing Intensive) was removed from

              WI* (Writing Intensive: Selected Sections Only) was removed from


b. Banked Courses

  • RCSC 3004, RCSC 4003, RCSC 4004
  • SOCI 3280, SOCI 3222, SOCI 3289, SOCI 3385, SOCI 3410, SOCI 4300, SOCI 4337 

c. Deleted Courses

  • ADRE 4400
  • HIST 2222, HIST 3031, HIST 3205, HIST 3414, HIST 3920, HIST 4400, HIST 4470, HIST 4500
  • FREN 1220,FREN 2440, FREN 2441, FREN 2442, FREN 2443, FREN 3002, FREN 3225
  • Courses that have been banked for 5 or more years and approved for deletion by the UCC (See 2/27/2020 UCC Agenda Item V. Old Business; UCC minutes approved on March 5, 2020)

d. New Courses

e. Prefix Change for an Entire Course List (none)

f.  Revised Courses


g. Removal of 5000-level Courses from the Undergraduate Catalog

  • MATH 5031, MATH 5064, MATH 5101, MATH 5110, MATH 5774, MATH 5801 (to remain active in the graduate catalog)


h. Renumbered Courses


i. Transfer of Existing Courses to a New Academic Home

  • All undergraduate BITE courses were transfered from the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies to the Department of Mathematics, Science and Instructional Technology Education