Mar 27, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

What’s New This Year?

1. Policy Changes

a. New Policies (none)

b. Revised Policies

2. Program Changes

a. New Programs

    Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s



b. Revised Programs

    Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s




3. Course Changes

a. Course Designations Added, Removed, or Changed

    Domestic Diversity (DD) was added to​

  • MGMT 3362  (GEIE: 9/20/21; this course was formerly MGMT 4242 and was approved by GEIE to retain the DD designation)
  • MUSC 2226   (GEIE 1/24/22)
  • RELI 3400  (GEIE: 3/21/22)

                Global Diversity (GD) was added to

    General Education (GE:EX) was removed from

    General Education (GE:FA) was removed from

    General Education (GE:HU) was added to

    General Education (GE:SO) was added to

    Writing Intensive (WI) was added to

    Writing Intensive (WI) was removed from

    Writing Intensive (WI*: Selected Sections) was added to 

b. Banked Courses

c. Deleted Courses

  • ANTH 3009, ANTH 4001, ANTH 4050, ANTH 4201, ANTH 4202, ANTH 4203, ANTH 5005, ANTH 5030
  • CSCI 3200 (UCC: 10/14/21)
  • GEOL 3050, GEOL 3051, GEOL 3150, GEOL 3151, GEOL 4020, GEOL 4021, GEOL 4200, GEOL 4201 (UCC: 2/10/22)
  • ICTN 4040, ICTN 4010, ICTN 4011, ICTN 4150, ICTN 4151, ICTN 4250, ICTN 4251, ICTN 4590, ICTN 4591, ICTN 4592, ICTN 4593 (UCC: 3/24/22)
  • MATH 1067, MATH 1074, MATH 1077, MATH 2124, MATH 2151, MATH 3100, MATH 3233 (UCC: 2/24/22) 

d. New Courses

e.  Renumbered Courses

  • CHEM 2770 was renumbered to CHEM 3770 ; CHEM 2771 was renumbered to CHEM 3771  (UCC: 4/07/22)
  • DESN 3234 was renumbered to DESN 4232 , DESN 3235 was renumbered to DESN 4233  (UCC: 3/03/22)
  • MGMT 4242 was renumbered to MGMT 3362  (UCC: 10/28/21)

f. Revised Courses

            g. Five-thousand level courses removed from the undergraduate catalog

  • MATH 5322 (UCC: 2/24/22)

h. Courses moved to a new academic home

4. Other

a. General education  fine arts learning outcomes were revised (GEIE:3/21/22). 

b. Foreign Languages, Placement Testing text within the Admission and Readmission  section of this catalog has been significantly revised. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures now recognizes state seals of biliteracy. There is now an embedded link to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures website where students can see what their placement in AP, IB, CLEP, or state seals of biliteracy will give them. To see the charts click here. (Annual catalog review per the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.)

c. Multidisciplinary structured concentrations have been reformatted this year. They remain as structured concentrations within the associated degrees - Multidisciplinary Studies, BA  and Multidisciplinary Studies, BS  - but now also have separate pages for greater visibility. Click on the following links to view the new formatting for ECU’s multidisciplinary structured concentrations (UCC: 12/9/21, UCC: 1/13/22).