Jun 14, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog

What’s New This Year?

1. Policy Changes

    a. New Policies

  • Academic Regulations , Courses, Double Counting Courses (GC: #22-10; FS: #22-61; Chancellor:1/26/23) Policy allows for several instances where double counting is appropriate and a percent guideline for double counting courses in concentrations. 

    b. Revised Policies

  • Academic Regulations , Courses, Credit by Transfer, Upon Admission (GC: 8/22/2022; number 3 in the 2nd paragraph has been revised)
  • Academic Regulations , Academic Eligibility Standards, Thesis/Dissertation: Research, Examination, Preparation, and Delivery (GC: 9/19/22; revision to the the “Thesis/Dissertation Language” policy to allow students to submit a thesis or dissertation in a language other than English; a revision to the “Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Campus Access Restrictions” policy to limit the length of the embargo period that restricts campus and public access; and a formatting revision to the thesis and dissertation to remove a blank page that currently exists and include the committee members names on the title page of the document)
  • General Requirements for Degrees and Certificates , Graduate Certificates (GC: #22-11; FS: #23-01; Chancellor: 3/01/23) The revision includes language beginning with the 5th sentence that clarifies expectations for courses that will make up a post-baccalaureate certificate vs a post-master’s certificate. 
2. Program Changes

    a. Discontinued Programs

  • Athletic Training, MA (EPPC: 10/14/22; Chancellor: 11/21/22)
  • Hispanic Studies Certificate (GCC: 10/19/22; GC: 10/28/22; EPPC: 1/13/23; AC: 3/8/23)

     b. New Programs

        Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s




    c. Programs Deciding to Pause Admissions

    d. Revised Programs

         Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s Programs




​     e. Programs Moved to a New Academic Home (none)


3. Course Changes

    a. Course Designations Added, Removed, or Changed

        Service-Learning (SL) as added to

    b. Banked Courses

    c. Deleted Courses

  • COHE 6440 (GCC: 2/1/23)
  • HIST 5921, HIST 5931, HIST 5951 (GCC: 3/29/23)
  • KINE 5278 (GCC: 11/16/22)
  • MATH 6251, MATH 6252, MATH 6611, MATH 6612 (GCC: 3/29/23)
  • PADM 6888 (GCC: 3/15/23)    

    d. New Courses

     e.  Revised Courses

     f. Unbanked and Revised Courses

    g. Courses Moved to a New Academic Home (none)

4. Other Changes

     a. Program CIP Codes Revised