Dec 06, 2023  
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics (FC:MA) Course List

The courses listed below have been approved to carry the mathematics (FC:MA) foundations curriculum designation. Full course descriptions may be viewed by using the course filter found on this page.

Additional courses may be approved through the campus approval process during fall semester and may be offered during spring semester of this academic year.  To view these courses go to the What’s New!  section of this catalog.

For additional information about the liberal arts foundations curriculum program at East Carolina University, visit the Academic Advisement, Progression and Support Services  section of this catalog. 

MATH 1050 Explorations in Mathematics 3 FC:MA
MATH 1065 College Algebra 3 FC:MA
MATH 1066 Applied Mathematics for Decision Making 3 FC:MA
MATH 1067 Algebraic Concepts and Relationships 3 FC:MA
MATH 1083 Introduction to Functions 3 FC:MA
MATH 1085 Pre-Calculus Mathematics 5 FC:MA
MATH 2119 Elements of Calculus 3 FC:MA
MATH 2121 Calculus for the Life Sciences I 3 FC:MA
MATH 2127 Basic Concepts of Mathematics 3 FC:MA
MATH 2151 Engineering Calculus I 3 FC:MA
MATH 2152 Engineering Calculus II 3 FC:MA
MATH 2153 Engineering Calculus III 3 FC:MA
MATH 2171 Calculus I 4 FC:MA
MATH 2172 Calculus II 4 FC:MA
MATH 2173 Calculus III 4 FC:MA
MATH 2228 Elementary Statistical Methods I 3 FC:MA
MATH 2282 Data Analysis and Probability 3 FC:MA
MATH 2283 Statistics for Business 3 FC:MA
MATH 2775 Topics in Discrete Mathematics 3 FC:MA
MATH 2935 Data Analysis 3 FC:MA
MATH 3166 Euclidean Geometry 3 FC:MA
MATH 3237 Discrete Mathematics 3 FC:MA
MATH 3239 Applied Mathematics Via Modeling 3 FC:MA
PHIL 1500 Introduction to Logic 3 FC:HU or MA
PHIL 3580 Intermediate Logic 3 FC:MA