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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, MBA

The MBA degree program offers professional training to qualified applicants who aspire to careers as efficient and responsible managers. The program emphasizes the development of analytical skills in problem solving and decision making.

The MBA degree program requires between a minimum of 33 s.h. and a maximum of 54 s.h. and consists of two major components; the business foundation and the business common body of knowledge.


Some or all of the business foundation courses may be waived if equivalent recent work of sufficient depth has been completed at a high performance level.


Electives are divided into analytical and behavioral subgroups and each student is usually required to take at least one elective from each subgroup, although a student judged weak in one of the subgroups may be required to take all three electives from that subgroup. Upon approval by the director of graduate programs, certain 5000-level courses may be substituted for business electives. Students may choose to use their electives to complete one of the graduate certificate programs as approved by the director of graduate programs.