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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technology Management, MS

The master of science in technology management is designed to serve the needs of students who possess a baccalaureate degree in industrial technology, technology management, applied engineering, engineering technology and other similar technology oriented disciplines. The emphasis of the master of science degree program is on technology management, application to practice, and creative problem solving in technology driven industry and business. Students are required to apply theory to practice through analytical projects and research involving industry problems and applications. The program of study includes course work composed of 15 s.h. core courses and 15 to 18 s.h. of approved elective courses. Students may select one of the three options: nonthesis, practicum, or thesis. 

The minimum degree requirement is 33 s.h. for the nonthesis option and 30 s.h. for practicum and thesis options as follows:


2. Options - 15-18 s.h.

Nonthesis option (18 s.h.)

Working closely with his/her advisor, the student will create a plan of study by selecting electives to address specific interests. Students will also be required to take a comprehensive exam to demonstrate mastery of course work. The comprehensive exam can only be taken after completion of 24 s.h. or more of total course work.

  • Choose courses from the approved electives list (18 s.h.)

Practicum option (15 s.h.)

The student will write a report based on their practicum experience and present a seminar. The practicum proposal and subsequent work must be approved by the student’s advisor.  Students may choose to pursue their own independent industry-based practicum. Students desiring to pursue practicum work should declare their intent to do so in the first semester.

  • ITEC 6100  (3 s.h.)
  • Choose courses from the approved electives list (12 s.h.)

Thesis option (15 s.h.)

The student will conduct thesis research and present a seminar based on the thesis.  The thesis proposal and the subsequent thesis must be approved by the student’s advisor and a committee composed of three technology systems faculty members.  Students desiring to pursue the thesis option should consult their faculty advisor and identify a thesis advisor and topic in the first semester.

  • ITEC 7000  (6 s.h.)
  • Choose courses from the approved electives list (9 s.h.)