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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sociology, MA

Program Coordinator: Susan Pearce (402-A Brewster Building; 252-328-2544;

In addition to a traditional liberal arts master’s program, students may choose to pursue one of three areas of concentration: health services and research, social issues in regional development, and environment and society. Through graduate assistantships, practica, and participation in faculty research, students in these concentrations are expected to become affiliated with a university institute or center related to the student’s interest.

Admission requirements: Two letters of recommendation and meet the admission standards of the Graduate School. Where an admission examination is required, it is the Graduate Record Examinations.

The MA degree requires 30 s.h. if a student elects to complete a capstone practicum or thesis; otherwise, the degree requires 36 s.h.

3. Electives - 12 s.h.:

With approval of the director of graduate studies, students select elective courses that are relevant to their concentration or to their career interests

4. Capstone course - 6 s.h.:

Students selecting one of the three concentrations will normally do a practicum in affiliation with a university institute described above. Students who choose not to do a practicum or a thesis must complete the degree by taking an additional 12 s.h. of elective courses with the approval of the graduate program director.

5. All students must pass a written comprehensive examination following the completion of their required core courses.