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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Endorsement in Computer Education Certificate

MSITE Director of Students: Ron Preston (352-E Flanagan Building; 252-328-9355; prestonr@ecu.edu)
Program Coordinator: Bill Sugar (291 Flanagan Building; 252-328-1546; sugarw@ecu.edu)

The certificate for the special endorsement in computer education provides interested licensed teachers the opportunity to fulfill requirements to apply for the endorsement for the position of Technology Facilitator. Applicants to the certificate program must currently have a NC teaching license and meet graduate school standards for admission. Students with an advanced teaching license or MLS may add-on 077 licensure by completing EDTC 6992 - Technology Specialists as Teacher Leaders in K-12 School Systems  in addition to requirements for the 18079 Special Endorsement.

The certificate program requires 18 s.h. of graduate-level course work in educational technology.

Licensure/Certification Requirements in North Carolina

The curriculum for all ECU Certificates, Degrees, and other Graduate Programs  have been designed to meet the licensure/certification requirements in North Carolina and prepare students to sit for licensure/certification exams in North Carolina. The various licensure boards in each state are responsible for setting requirements for licensure/certification in their state. Other states have their own requirements, and you’ll want to make sure your program meets criteria in your home state (or state where you intend to work) before you apply. Search our state  Licensure Dashboard to see if the program you’re interested in meets the educational requirements for licensing/certification in your home state (or state where you intend to work).