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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Education, MAEd

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Program Coordinator: Bomna Ko (153 Minges Coliseum; 252-328-0017; kob@ecu.edu)

The Physical Education, MAEd is a 100% online, performance-based program designed to develop advanced competencies in K-12 physical education. The curriculum integrates both theory and practical application of pedagogy in a variety of areas: assessment, technology, supervision, effective teaching practices, intercultural issues, and content knowledge in physical education. 

The physical education core courses are designed to align with components of National Board Certification by focusing on enhancement of teaching effectiveness, assessment, reflective practices, research, differentiated instruction for diverse learners, and the development of supervisory skills and intercultural competencies. Elective courses are included to meet physical educators’ needs in current school settings: adapted physical activity, coaching, and motor learning. The professional core requires courses in leadership and communication, differences in human learning, and research. The desired outcome is preparation of specialized physical education professionals who are able to exemplify teaching effectiveness for K-12 students’ education and to serve as leaders in the physical education profession.

The degree is administratively located in the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Health and Human Performance.

The degree requires a minimum of 33 s.h. as follows:

Comprehensive Assessment Requirement

All ECU graduate programs require students to successfully complete a comprehensive assessment. This program requires an action research project (KINE 6990 , KINE 6991 ).

Licensure for the Physical Education, MAEd

The Physical Education, MAEd leads to a NC Advanced, M Level license in Physical Education Grades K-12. Candidates must hold a valid NC initial, A level license in Physical Education Grades K-12 in order to be eligible to upgrade the license to the advanced, M level upon program completion. Candidates may be admitted to the Physical Education, MAEd if they do not hold the valid NC initial, A level license in Physical Education Grades K-12, including anyone with a license in another area, with an out-of-state license, or with no license at all. These candidates will be required to sign the LNNC Waiver and by doing so are duly informed that they will not receive the NC recommendation for Physical Education Grades K-12 advanced, M level licensure until the NC initial, A level licensure requirements are met, which will include additional NC licensure tests. The LNNC Waiver can be located by clicking here. The waiver should accompany the application for admission to the MAEd. ECU degree programs satisfy the professional licensure and/or certification requirements in North Carolina and prepare students to sit for these exams. Requirements in other states may be different. Upon successful completion of ECU educator preparation program degree requirements and licensure requirements for the State of North Carolina candidates will be eligible for an ECU recommendation for a NC license. However, final licensure granting decisions are the sole responsibility of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction not ECU. Candidates who seek out of state employment or out of state licensure will have to meet the receiving state’s requirements. There is no automatic licensure reciprocity between states. ECU will verify the completion of an approved, accredited program for candidates who seek this verification, but those candidates will be responsible for working with the receiving state to complete any additional requirements to obta in the license and/or employment in the receiving state.

Licensure/Certification Requirements in North Carolina

The curriculum for all ECU Certificates, Degrees, and other Graduate Programs  have been designed to meet the licensure/certification requirements in North Carolina and prepare students to sit for licensure/certification exams in North Carolina. The various licensure boards in each state are responsible for setting requirements for licensure/certification in their state. Other states have their own requirements, and you’ll want to make sure your program meets criteria in your home state (or state where you intend to work) before you apply. Search our state  Licensure Dashboard to see if the program you’re interested in meets the educational requirements for licensing/certification in your home state (or state where you intend to work).

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