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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Engineering, BS/Mechanical Engineering, MS

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Program Coordinator: Brian Sylcott (208 Slay Hall; 252-737-4652; sylcottb15@ecu.edu)

The Engineering, BS/Mechanical Engineering, MS accelerated program is initiated while undergraduates are completing the bachelor of science (BS) in engineering and is intended for outstanding engineering undergraduates who have worked with a thesis advisor during their undergraduate studies. For this program, graduate student coursework begins in the students’ fourth year of undergraduate study and is completed with one academic year of study beyond the bachelor’s degree. A full year of study, beyond completion of undergraduate engineering requirements, is required to complete the program. Engineering students apply to the program after completion of a minimum of 80 eligible undergraduate semester hours, and enter the program after completion of a minimum of 95 eligible undergraduate semester hours (a minimum of 128 semester hours is required for the Engineering, BS degree). The minimum GPA at the time of admission and entry to the program is 3.5.

No graduate course in which a grade of “C” is earned may count toward the master of science (MS) degree. It may, however, count toward the BS degree. Students who do not maintain a GPA of 3.0 at the time of matriculation into the master’s degree will be placed on academic probation in their first semester in the master’s program and subject to dismissal from the program if they do not achieve a graduate GPA of 3.0 in courses related to their program of study after 9 semesters hours of graduate credit attempted.

Students accepted into the Engineering, BS/Mechanical Engineering, MS accelerated program may take 6 semester hours of technical electives as approved by the advisor from the following:

  • MENG 5100 - Numerical Methods in Engineering
  • MENG 5600 - Experimental Methods in Mechanical Engineering
  • MENG 6100 - Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Fluids
  • MENG 6210 - Thermal Systems Design
  • MENG 6220 - Advanced Thermodynamics
  • MENG 6230 - Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems
  • MENG 6310 - Advanced Mechanics of Materials
  • MENG 6320 - Advanced Engineering Design
  • MENG 6330 - Advanced Vibration and Structural Dynamics
  • MENG 6343 - Advanced Composite Materials
  • MENG 6350 - Theory of Elasticity
  • MENG 6410 - Bioheat and Mass Transfer
  • ​MENG 6700 - Selected Topics in Mechanical Engineering


Students interested in the accelerated program should speak with the graduate program director to determine admissibility into the program. The student and graduate program director should then follow the procedures outlined in the Admission and Readmission section of the graduate catalog.

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