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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art Education, MAEd

The master of arts in education is the professional degree in art education. Applicants for the MAEd must possess at least the initial teaching license. Graduate certification requires demonstrated competence and recommendations from the certifying institution. This is a one-year or equivalent degree (33-36 s.h.). The total time limit for completing requirements for this degree is six years. Students interested in applying for admission to this degree program must submit a portfolio of slides of their work to indicate their competence in art as well as a satisfactory score on the Miller Analogies Test or the Graduate Record Examinations.

2. Electives - 12 s.h.

a. Art electives - 9 s.h.

b. Art history elective - 3 s.h.

2. Final product requirement - 6-9 s.h.

(Select one of the following options.)

a. Thesis option - 6 s.h.

The student may choose to do a thesis for 6 s.h. of credit. The thesis must be conventional research dealing with a significant problem in the field of art education.

b. Non-thesis option - 9 s.h.

The student may choose to take, in place of the thesis an additional 6 s.h. of art courses and 3 s.h. of electives and complete an art project with a faculty member. The final product of these courses is a cumulative project that demonstrates professional competence.