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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art, MFA

The master of fine arts degree is the terminal professional degree in studio art. This is a three-year or equivalent degree (60 s.h.). Assessments of progress are provided on a regular and periodic basis. Students must possess an undergraduate degree in art from an accredited institution. The Art and Design Graduate Committee will consider an applicant that does not possess an undergraduate degree in art, if that applicant is nominated by an East Carolina University area coordinator, has an exceptional portfolio of work and has completed an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. The MFA degree does not require standardized test scores to apply. Students interested in applying for the MFA degree must present a digital portfolio of slides of their work prior to acceptance in the studio area in which they wish to major. Concentrations are offered in all areas represented by course work except animation/interactive design, art history, and video art.

a. Art studio concentration - 24 s.h.

(for which candidate is qualified)

b. Studio art electives - 12 s.h.

(outside concentration area)

c. Art history electives - 12 s.h.

d. General electives - 3 s.h.

e. ART 6000 or art course approved by area coordinator - 3 s.h.

f. Thesis - 6 s.h.

(A creative thesis and a written report of the thesis are required.)