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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

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Allison Danell, Dean
Liza Wieland, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development

Heather Ries, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Eduardo Leorri, Associate Dean for Planning
Cindy Putnam-Evans, Associate Dean for Research

R. Todd Berry, Associate Dean for Resource Management
Derek Maher, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
LeAnn Pacheco, Director, Academic Advising and Resource Center
Megan Perry, Director of International Initiatives
Amy Shannon, Director, University Studies

A community of scholars dedicated to the intrinsic value of learning, the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences (THCAS) is the liberal arts college of East Carolina University (ECU). The college is a federation of departments in the traditional academic disciplines: the humanities; the natural sciences and mathematics; and the social sciences, including creative and professional programs, academic centers and institutes, and interdisciplinary programs allied to the liberal arts. College faculty are committed to excellence in teaching and advising, in research or creative productivity, and in professional service.

The college provides major and minor studies in the liberal arts and sciences at the undergraduate level and major studies at the master’s and doctoral levels. In addition, as the university’s cornerstone academic program, THCAS provides the liberal arts foundations curriculum for all students. College courses introduce students to traditions of learning and inquiry, present information essential for performing societal and professional roles, and challenge students to examine the values which guide the organization and application of human knowledge. All courses are designed to develop students’ thinking, writing, research, and mathematical skills and their lifelong commitment to continuing education.

In addition to its liberal arts programs, the college offers select professional certification programs related to its traditional academic disciplines. Students majoring in these programs learn the basic theories and practices in their fields while preparing themselves for leadership roles and careers.

In the spirit of the liberal arts, the curricula of the college are constantly examined, updated, and enhanced. Consequently, the more than 14,000 students enrolled annually in college courses are engaged with current ideas and information from professors whose learning never ceases.

Additional information about THCAS is available on the college’s website.


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