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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Clinical Psychology, MA (discontinued effective July 27, 2018)

Note: The Board of Governors approved the discontinuation of the following program on July 27, 2018. A clinical psychology concentration is offered via the Psychology, MA.  

Program Coordinator: Robert Carels (104 Rawl Building; 252-737-5070;

The clinical psychology program of study leads to a master of arts degree in psychology. The degree is earned as part of the clinical health concentration of the PhD in health psychology program. The program requires a minimum of 51 s.h. of instruction and is generally completed in two years. The program provides classroom training in ethics, psychological assessment and diagnosis, and psychotherapy. In addition to classroom learning, the student will also engage in supervised practica experiences during the first-year of training in addition to the second-year practicum. Finally, students will gain research experience through the completion of a master’s thesis project during the second year of training.

Admission to the MA clinical program is contingent on admission to the clinical health concentration of the PhD in health psychology program and follows a review of credentials as well as an on-site interview. Continuation in the program is based upon satisfactory course work and effective personal functioning and ethical behavior. At the end of each semester of the student’s enrollment, the clinical faculty will conduct a review of student performance. Continuation in the program is contingent upon a favorable review during these evaluations. Students who consistently show borderline course performance, who are not developing good applied skills in the practice of psychology, who fail to complete course work on a timely basis, or who otherwise perform unprofessionally or unsatisfactorily, may be required to complete additional courses or practicum work, or may be removed from the program.

Program requirements include: