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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Religious Studies Minor

Director/Program Coordinator: Mary Nyangweso (325-A Austin Building; 252-737-2422;

Religious studies is a nonsectarian and interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with an understanding of religion as historical and cultural phenomena. Courses offered explore religion in its various dimensions – aesthetic, anthropological, ethical, historical, literary, philosophical, political, psychological, and sociological. The major advisor should send a potential minor to the director for advising. Requirements for the minor are listed below.

A maximum of 6 s.h. may be used to satisfy general education requirements and requirements for the religious studies minor. No course work in the student’s major field of study will be accepted for credit toward the minor. Study abroad programs having the prior approval of the director will be accepted for a maximum 6 s.h. of credit toward the minor. Additional courses beyond those listed below will be accepted if they significantly further the student’s understanding of religion; prior approval by the director is required for additional courses. Departmental prerequisites may be waived in special cases by the department offering the course.

For more information about the religious studies program, please visit the program website.

The minimum requirement for the religious studies minor is 18 s.h. as follows:

2. Electives - 15 s.h.

Choose a minimum of 12 s.h. from religion (RELI) electives, a minimum of 6 s.h. of courses that are 2999 and above.