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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Management, BSBA

Program Coordinator: Joy Karriker (3414 Bate Building; 252-328-5693; karrikerj@ecu.edu)

The Management, BSBA offers students the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the management of human and physical resources and to acquire skills useful in the management of domestic and international organizations.

The degree requires a minimum of 120 s.h. as follows:

II. Cognates - 3 s.h.

(MATH 2228 or MATH 2283 count toward the general education elective requirement for this degree. Semester hours earned for one of these courses is not included in the 3 s.h. cognate requirement.)

IV. Concentrations - 18-27 s.h.

(Choose one.)

A. General business concentration - 18 s.h.

The concentration in general business offers students the opportunity to acquire a general overview of the skills necessary to manage human and physical resources. Although primarily designed for distance education students, students on campus may choose this concentration. Enrollment in this concentration will be limited by the resources available. Distance education students will receive priority in enrollment in distance education courses.

Choose 3 s.h. from:

B. Human resource management concentration - 18 s.h.

The human resource management (HRM) concentration is aligned to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) competency model. The HRM concentration is designed to build expertise in all key HRM processes, including talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, organizational change and development, diversity, training and development, employment law, and human resource management information systems. This program is further strengthened by providing students the opportunity to gain practical experience through internships and earn entry-level professional HRM certification through SHRM, preparing them for careers in this rapidly growing field.

C. International business concentration - 27 s.h.

Choose 12 s.h. of foreign language from a chosen world region: Africa, Asia, Europe or South America. For non- North American students: North America.

Additional requirements:

In addition to a minimum of one semester abroad, enrolled in an approved academic program with a focal world region, students must attain competency in a second language. Students may prove competency by:

  • Completing at least 12 semester hours of coursework (GPA 2.5 or higher) in a foreign language (1001 - 2004) and demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language by scoring an average of Intermediate-Mid, as determined by the the Department of Management Chair or the International Business Program Coordinator based on test scores on the AAPPL Test (AAPPL stands for ACTFL Assessment of Performance towards Proficiency in Languages).


  • Students who demonstrate a language proficiency (based on test scores on the AAPPL) without taking 12 hours of foreign languages, must complete 12 hours of international coursework during required study abroad as approved by the Department of Management Chair or the International Business Program Coordinator.

V. Leadership and professional development - 9 s.h.

VI. General electives to complete requirements for graduation.